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Do you dream of expressing yourself freely and clearly? 
Do you long for your own 
individual voice to be heard among the many voices in the world?

Welcome to a journey of discovery!

I invite you to join me in an exploration of your true, authentic voice -
the voice that arises from your very core and announces to the world your deepest truth with courage and vulnerability.​
 If you're wondering how we'll do that, then read on.
Let's dive in deeply and welcome the discoveries we'll make together!

Work With Me

Voice Mentoring

As a Voice Mentor I support individuals and groups in connecting with their authentic voices in order to express themselves with clarity and integrity.


As a Musician I collaborate as a singer and instrumentalist (cello, guitar, harmonium, mandolin) with other musicians and creatives to foster a sense of joy and playfulness and to contribute to joint musical projects.

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