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From a very young age singing, sounding and music making was part of my life - it was what my family did. Yet, there were certain sounds I made as a child  that appeared to be 'too much' for the adults around me. Soon I learned which sounds were acceptable and which were frowned upon. To please others I suppressed that part of me which was not wanted.


Much later in life I discovered that I was not alone. There were many other people who subdued their voice to fit in. Some felt ashamed of their own sound while others screamed in frustration at not being allowed to express themselves fully.

Rolf Billes Photo


It is my aim to reclaim every aspect of my own voice and to help others reconnect with that most authentic part of themselves through which they express themselves in this world. Having experienced the reclaiming of my voice as the most liberating act of self-loving it is my goal to share this gift with others.

Rolf Billes
Voice Mentor and Musician
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